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Fast Option for Foreign Doctors Becoming RNs by Condensed Nursing A.S. Training.
Because time is the most valuable coin in our life...

Thousands of foreign-trained Medical Doctors are living in the United States with a plethora of lifesaving skills that unfortunately are unused and fruitless because they had stumbled upon many ruling hurdles.  No matter how experienced and well trained, they must run a long, costly, and confusing gantlet before they can actually practice as Doctors in America. 


With so many reports about foreign Medical Doctors talents and skills being squandered, school Director Dr. Pablo J. Perez Ph.D., MSEE, BSEE, and Nursing Chair Person Dr. Juan Santana MSN, BSN, ARNP, have launched a bridge Nursing A.S. program that will rapidly train foreign physicians, legally residents in the U.S., to become Associate of Science in Nursing.  After graduation, they can become Registered Nurses (RN), by taking and passing the NCLEX-RN licensing examination offered by the Florida Board of Nursing, and commence working at a high industry level.  In this fast training initiative:


vThe two (2) years’ time frame of the Nursing A.S. program is compressed to one (1) year and fifteen (15) weeks.
vProgram classes will be conducted Monday to Friday during the evening session, from 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M., to allowing enrolled students to keep their current paid jobs.
vUp to fourteen (14) previously earned medical credits related to nursing will be analyzed and accepted at the discretion of the school.
vIf they qualify applicants can apply to Federal Loans only. 


If You Decide to Apply On Or Before the Start of September 3, 2019 You Must:

1.Interview with Admissions officers on campus and receive copy of school catalog.
2.Fill up, without due pressure, a Preliminary School Application (PRSA).
3.Present documentation proving legal U.S. residency.
4.Present ATA translated medical degree credentials from foreign accredited school.
5.Present ATA translated medical degree transcripts for analysis.
6.Present resume with detailed education and working experience.
7.Have negative results in Level Two (2) FBI Background Check and Drug Test. 
8.Interview and be approved by the college’s Nursing Entrance Board.

Is this Fast Training Initiative the Best Possible Solution To You?

Well…the answer depends on the context of your mind, needs, and your resolve.  Yes, it is really terrible after so many years as a Medical Doctor, with so many patients helped, with so much loved received, to debark “A Street Car Named Desired” and to retrain again in a different degree angle of application.  But the fact is that your time,  the most valuable coin in life, has being overwhelmingly wasted by regulatory reasons upon which you won’t ever have control of; and that all your previously learned and practices medical abilities are currently doing nothing for the community, the children, the sick, the elderly and for yourself. Hence, because once upon a time we were exactly where you are today, and because we all retrained and succeed in America, we firmly believe that once you quickly become a Nursing A.S. and Florida Registered Nurse, you will not be disregarded any more.