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Hello students, the college will be begining on march 20, 2020 remote learning practice sessions for students attending the Nursing A.S. and Radiologic Technology A.S. programs. These sessions will allow you to become accustomed to the use of the software for remote education. The program that we will be using is is Go-To-Webinar. Please make sure to check your email and register the the session that better suites your needs.

We will be going through the steps:

  • How to ask question during the webinar course
  • How to access required handouts
  • How at the end to access the recording on the courses.

These courses are mandatory, please contact us if you have difficulty attending the courses on the hours on your email.

Training will be once per month, or by appointment, and will be offered at the beginning of each semester.

How To Use Workspace


English Video

Spanish Video