Prospective Student

Advance Science International College is committed to excellence in nursing and radiology education demonstrating through a rigorous process that we exceed high standards of educational quality in the United States of America. Our school keeps up with its degree and vocational programs, studying the medical industry market trends and understanding and acknowledging the skills that industry and employers need to see in new graduates. Students attending our programs are provided with focused training which will allow them to compete in a demanding and competitive global economy. ASI’s accreditation status by ACCSC holds us accountable for providing enrolled students with the skills necessary to be successful in their chosen fields of study.

Offers to the Learning Community

Nowadays experts are predicting that our nation could face a shortage of as many as 150,000 doctors, 56,000 nurses and 450,000 medical support technicians in the next 15 years. It is a tremendous overtaking to prepare such an immense group of health care specialists and technicians in such a short time period. For that reason, ASI offers to the learning community a two (2) academic years Radiology Technology A.S. Program. All these programs adapt the delivery of modern education according to today’s changing demands in hospitals, clinics, community based centers, and primary medical centers across the country.

Compliance with Health Care Industry Needs

All our programs, learning research activities, and continuing education classes are designed to respond to the peculiarities the health industry needs in compliance with national medical and nursing standards and adherence to ethical business practices. Students will be challenged in matters that stress practical knowledge and professionalism where they frequently learn by solving real work problems in clinic-like settings. Due to specialization we can offer prospective students intensive health training in their chosen medical fields for graduating in less time than more traditional institutions, enabling them to enter the work force more quickly. Whether you are a high school graduate building a radiology technology future, or a health care professional looking to change careers, ASI is here for you as a vital part of your training process.

Prospective students interested in attend programs in the Radiology Division are encouraged to work directly with the institution for harvest a better understanding of the admission requirements, leading educational philosophy, and degree and technical programs objectives.

Student Employability

Advance Science Interantional College, in the process of preparing people for life, is vigilant with student employability that comes with admission to classes. The Radiology Technology program is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions. The school’s staff and faculty members will not wait until the last program term to start working on student employability, although during admissions process students are informed clearly that the school offers degree and technical education not employment. The school does not disclose information relating to market and job availability.

The school will assist all students and graduates to find employment related to the fields and/or objectives for which they have been trained and related to the nursing, technical, or medical-technical field majority. Our placement officers relentlessly search the health care industry market, newspapers ads and the Internet, looking for available health care employment positions. Contacts are carried out with medical companies and interviews will be coordinated for program graduates. Placement employment activities, resume preparation, and job interview training are offered by Library Resource System (LRS) officers Monday through Friday (1:00-5:00 P.M.). The School Director upon student request may issue letters of recommendation to prospective employers. All students and graduates are entitled to school employment services without any additional charge.

School allegiance

The integrity and honesty of Advance Science International College allegiance with the school’s graduates, job ready for entering the nursing workforce, is fundamental and critical to demonstrate successful employment achievement. The school will make every workable effort to ensure degree and vocational program training for every enrolled student, and is determined to assist all graduates in locating a working position best suited to the particular abilities and skills obtained during their program development. By assisting enrolled students to find regular local employment for covering immediate economics needs, as well as, finding related employment for program graduates, the school staff and faculty members will make every effort to secure employment positions available in the market. However, neither the school can guarantee employment, nor guarantee of placement will be made or implied.

Students will attend LRS employment workshops, which are performed throughout the duration of the program where resume preparation, mock interviews and other beneficial employment related information is taught. Nevertheless, the employment assistance is not a lifetime service. The school placement efforts range from three months minimum to twenty-one months maximum after the student’s graduation date. The school expects that students and graduates proactively participate in searching for medical-technical employment in their own time.