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Advance Science International College in the process of preparing people for life is vigilant with student employability that comes with admission to school classes. All the programs are designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions. The school’s staff and faculty members will not wait until the last program term to start working on student employability, although during admissions process students are informed clearly that Advance Science International College offers technical education not employment. The school does not disclose information relating to market and job availability.

The school will assist all students and graduates to find employment related to the fields for which they have been trained and related to the medical, technical, or medical-technical field majority. Our placement officers relentlessly search the health industry market, newspapers ads, and the Internet, looking for available health employment positions. Contacts are carried out with medical companies and interviews will be coordinated for program graduates. Placement employment activities, resume preparation, and job interview training are scheduled in school program’s daily lesson plans, and are offered Mondays through Fridays (1:00-5:00 P.M.). The School Director upon student request may issue letters of recommendation to prospective employers.

The integrity and honesty of Advance Science International College allegiance with the school’s graduates, job ready for entering the medical technical workforce, is fundamental and critical to demonstrate successful employment achievement. By assisting enrolled students to find regular local employment for covering immediate economics needs, as well as, finding medical related employment for program graduates, the school staff and faculty members will make every effort to secure employment positions available in the market. However, the school cannot guarantee employment. No guarantee of placement will be made or implied. Students will attend employment workshops, which are given throughout the duration of the program where resume preparation, mock interviews and other beneficial employment related information is taught.

All students and graduates are entitled to school employment services without any additional charge. Advance Science International College will make every workable effort to ensure vocational program training for every enrolled student and is determined to assist all graduates in locating a working position best suited to the particular abilities and skills obtained during their program development. Nevertheless, the employment assistance is not a lifetime service. The school placement efforts range from three months minimum to twenty-one months maximum after the student’s graduation date. The students and graduates must proactively participate in searching for medical-technical employment in their own time.