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Loan Repayment

The college has an obligation to encourage and facilitate repayment of financial obligations, including guaranteed loans used to finance student's education and training. This has a potential impact upon the school's financial stability and consequently, its educational effectiveness and accredited status. Advance Science International College will adress two major factors affecting student loan repayment: willingness to pay and ability to pay. The school will influence willingness to pay by providing information and advice to the student or their parents; also will develop the ability to pay by providing training and skills that enghance the value of their graduates to employers.

Information that are Constantly Given

From the moment a student enters they are in plain english given the message: That borrowers evading loan repayment, becoming defaulted repayment, or claiming nolo contendere with their financial debts responsibilities, are performing erroneous risky actions that will multiply penalties and will bring upon them damaging financial consequences as the time goes by.

Consequences for failing to pay loans and defaulting

First lets start at the basics. There are many ways to avoid defaulting on a loan. If you hit difficult times or for any reason that is out of your control there are ways to control the amount of payments that you need to do. In the business world today a person that is defaulted on a loan is a negative point in character. You may be the best individual out there, but people will judge you when they see you are defaulted on a loan when they check your credit. They may believe you are lazy or untrustworthy, when in truth you are neither of those things. Here are some and not all of the example of difficulties you may experience if you allow your loans to become defaulted or delinquent:

  • Difficulty renting an apartment
  • The goverment involuntarily removes the debted money from your paycheck or income tax refund.
  • May not be able to continue your studies in another institution.
  • Might affect citizenship if not a current citizen.
  • May be descrimated by employment opportunities.


  • Difficulty buying a house
  • The goverment may or maynot remove health benifits and unemployment checks.
  • May be difficult in purchasing a vehicle from a legitimate dealership.
  • You will end up paying more money due to charges and increase interest.
  • May fall into greater financial harship.

Apart from being reasons you should never default on a loan. These are also reasons why you should always maintain contact with the school. We are here to fully service our students and our graduates. Remember if in doubt call us, as we are always ready to help you.